Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quilled Egg

Happy New Year yeeee all.
I have been away for a very long time, and I know I havent done any justice to my quilling. 
Couldn't stay any longer and as much as I would love to spend more time in Quilling I cannot or should I say, I do not...  (ok enough of excuses, where there's a will, there's a way)
Anyways, now that I am back after a really good break... hope I quill more and more :)

Me at work.....

 And finally its ready, I wouldn't say its perfect; but a very good try.
A little more practice and calculations, and it's gonna be perfect :)
Oh a thought.... 
They say nobody is perfect, then they say practice makes perfect. 
I wish they'd make up their minds :P

I hope Meg Crawford (of Polly & Meg Treasures) sees this.
Hi Meg... I had written to you quite sometime back on facebook, asking for advise how to go about with this kind of a hollow egg... this is wat i meant... finally succeeded in doing it :)
Miss you!!!!


  1. Hi Arlene...sooo happy to see u again in the quilling/craft world...love ur creation..yes..very good try..nd tht pinky ball is so cute .... love it..love it..love it...

  2. Hey Lekha, thanks so much :)

    Glad to see you too.... btw, that's more like an Easter egg not a ball :P practicing now and hope to do it better by Easter.

    I missed you all on FB too and dint know how to get in touch.
    Would you please post a message on EQG for me?
    Please type: "Dear Meg, Paula, Sajidha, Swati, Amna, ... Arlene has given her regards to you all and she misses you".
    And if you can paste my blog link would be good :P

  3. SO nice, Arlene! Happy to c u back again blogoland :)Welcome

  4. Thanks Lekha !!!
    Thanks Sathya :)