Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Card for my Daddy :)

I was wondering what I could I possible give my Dad for his birthday, with him being in India and me in UAE. So, I decided to make him something that I love doing. A Quilled Card.

Btw... these flowers are my version of tea roses, named by my Mom. Love the way they turned out. I'm gonna try these with multiple layers next time. Let see how it goes :)

A closer look :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter baskets with a dash of Quilling ;)

Apologies for posting these pics pretty late. 
Made these cute little Easter baskets with a dash of quilling my DH, MIL and a friend.
Oh and I also put a marzipan Easter egg in it ;)

Dont they look adorable ;)

Quilled Monogram

 So this was the second project I was talking about, in my previous post here.

I had been running away, literally.... running away from trying out a Quilled monogram, until I gave in and thought of finally getting down to doing it. 

Thought I'd surprise my DH with making his Initial, so I created this one. 
It took really long, but as you all know when we do something from the heart, you never tire and all that tiredness disappears once you see a smile on the faces of our loved ones.

How was this for my first try.... I actually love the tail of the letter 'S'

A closer look :)

And yes.... my DH did love it <blush, blush>

Two projects in one day.... I'm lovin' it!!

Since our weekend here is Friday, Saturday.... I wanted to make thorough use of my time. 
So it's a double surprise today, cos I completed not one but two projects :)

These violet colored flowers didn't take much time, and I was happy that I could complete them in lesser time than usual, guess I'm getting faster :)

I wast sure if the white frame was looking nice or the black one... although some said, both look equally nice... except for the white one looking too bright, or probably I didn't pay attention to my camera settings.. My DH agrees too, he prefers the black one.

So here are the pics:)

Hmmmm.... so my readers, which one do you like ?

My next project/post to follow in a short while :)