Friday, July 22, 2011

3d Origami Swan

Origami is way different from Quilling and does need lots of patience.

I saw a picture of an Swan made with 3d Origami triangles and thought I should give it a try.... Well, I started cutting the paper, which was so tedious, cos I had to cut 32 rectangles from one A4 sheet of paper. I did cut 32rectangles from 16sheets and had 512 rectangular pieces. These were then turned into triangles, wow, that took all my patience, almost on the verge of quitting; but no with some encouragement and support from my Mom and Amna (check out Emirates Quilling Guild on Facebook), I didnt give up....   I continued... I folded the required triangles, then came the joining of pieces. I struggle to make the base, I think I joined and opened it atleast 6 times, and while I was going to give up (ya again) I thought I'll look up the instructions and see the video again.. only to find out, that I was doing it the wrong way... lol... my  mistake :P

But here you go, once I formed the base the building up of da body and tail of the Swan was a cake walk... 

Here she is... isnt she cute ;)

Well, next time (dont knw when that will be), but am gonna try makin a coloured one, this was just a trial :)

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